Basic Pistol


Expertise is merely the fundamentals done correctly and quickly. Our Basic Pistol class concentrates on those fundamentals.

Basic Pistol 1 can be taught with one of your pistols or you can rent one of ours.  Subject matter includes:

  • Safety
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Control
  • Breathing
  • Follow Through

If you are not sure what you would like to buy and want to do your research before you spend hundreds of dollars, take our TEST DRIVE class, shoot over $10,000 of our guns and use our ammo

Basic Pistol 2 is a more advanced class normally taught with the student’s pistol.  In BP2 we cover your gun – questions and skills relating to that particular pistol:

  • The manual of arms for your pistol.  i.e., how it operates
  • Quirks of that particular firearm
  • How to correct potential problems
  • Field stripping and maintenance
  • And you get to shoot it a lot, too

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