Beyond The LTC

BEYOND THE LTC – $199    

 Next Class October 21, 2017  8:30 am to 5:30 pm 

You have your CHL/LTC.  Now What?  The Texas License To Carry certification program teaches you the law and makes sure you know how to shoot to a minimum standard.  The Texas CHL program DOES NOT teach you many of the important skills or give you much of the information necessary for you to carry a firearm safely and competently on today’s streets.

Our “Beyond the LTC” Class takes over where the LTC program stops. We give you advanced information on:

·         How to choose the firearm that would be best for you to carry

·         How to choose proper ammunition

·         Advantages and disadvantages of different carry methods – open and concealed

·         Defensive mindset

·         Presenting then using your firearm from concealment – i.e. how to draw your pistol             and then get it into action

·         Various shooting positions and movement

·         Special shooting techniques

·         Sport shooting activities and other training opportunities

Beyond The LTC is not a beginner’s class.  All students will be asked to document  previous training or competitive activities and the prerogative to accept any student is retained by the instructor.  If you have not had any prior training, please call us and that can be corrected.

Classroom and range time totals 9 hours and includes the shooting of approximately 150 rounds of ammunition.

Classes are 2 to 6 students.  Contact us if you have your own group and would set up a class to match your schedule.  Please note all privately scheduled classes require a $225 non-refundable deposit.

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