CHL/LTC Class Hints & Notes

Getting your License to Carry can be confusing enough.  Here are a few CHL/LTC Class hints & notes we think might help.

To apply for your license:

  1. Go to the DPS website ( to apply for your initial license or to renew an existing.
  2. Follow the prompt on the screen – you will fill out an application and sign a couple of affidavits
  3. Make your appointment to get your fingerprints made during this process.  That option will come up on the screen.  Select your date and your location at that time.
  4. You can attend your LTC class before or after you make the application for the license.
  5. When you complete the application you will have the opportunity to print out a bar coded form.  Do that!  It has a checklist on it that shows you how to complete the process.
  6. Upon completing and passing both portions of your LTC class, I will sign and present you with the CHL 100 form the State requires before they will process your application.  There are instructions on the bar coded form mentioned in step 5 that tell you what to do with the CHL 100 form.  If you mail this in, the State gets the white copy of the form (original), you keep the yellow copy and your instructor keeps the pink copy.
  7. Your CHL 100 is good for 6 months and 6 months only.  You are required to complete the application process in that time frame or take another LTC class.

Please review the following additional resources prior to attending your CHL class:

Regulatory Services Division Contact screen – go here to send message to DPS for CHL help

Handgun Laws – CHL-16 3-16   – Please download, print and bring these with you to class in whatever form you prefer.  On an iPad or computer is just fine.

Please note the new term – License to Carry – replaces the Concealed Handgun License 1/1/2016.  The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued FAQ’s regarding changes in those laws available from the FAQ link.

Registration for CHL/LTC classes and more – link to LTC class online sign up at American Shooting Centers