Combination Pistol and LTC class

Combination Basic Pistol Lesson and License to Carry Class

We see many students that recognize the need to acquire the fundamental skills and the license necessary to help them protect themselves.  We also see that they are busy and may not have 2(+) days with which to take several classes.  We now offer a one day Combination Basic Pistol Lesson and License to Carry Class.  We meet at 8:30 am at ASC and go over the fundamentals of handling and shooting a pistol safely and also practice the drills required for the Texas LTC shooting qualification test.  Students take the shooting qualification that same morning, eat a bite of lunch and then reconvene for the classroom portion of the LTC as required by the State of Texas.  Everything should be complete around 5:00 pm.

These will normally be small classes though there is a minimum of two students.  We have some limited weekend availability but most of the combinations classes will be scheduled by appointment and held on a weekday.

        Cost is only $225.00 per person with a minimum of two people        private classes for individual students are available for $425. Three students maximum.

Please contact us to set up your private class.