Firearms Instruction

Everyone is unique as are your requirements so we create the class you want.  Every firearms class we offer teaches and requires safety. After that content and pace is up to you. What kinds of firearms instruction do YOU need?

We offer private and group classes for:

  • The absolute beginner that needs everything
  • The individual that does their research, who would like to be taught how a pistol should fit their hand and would like to be able to Test Drive over a dozen of our pistols before they spend their hard earned cash
  • The soon-to-be-master class shooter that needs to do everything faster
  • Someone who needs us to teach a wife, or a husband, or a child
  • Anyone who would like range etiquette and safety lessons before you go to the range
  • The more advanced individual who desires home or on-the-street defensive lessons
  • The person who wants to be able to learn or practice all of this at a private training berm away from the general public

Basic Pistol lessons are fairly standardized and cover safety, grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control, follow through and more safety.  Maintenance for specific firearms can be included

Once you have learned to shoot a pistol you need to learn how to use your firearm effectively.  Our Defensive Pistol class cover draws, reloads, movement and defensive tactics along with what to do when things go wrong with the pistol or with you

Competition Pistol classes focus primarily on the action pistol sports (USPSA and IDPA) teaching you how to handle your pistol safely, more accurately and more quickly. We pass along many of the lessons Cherie and I have learned in over 45 years of combined competition experience

Ladies Only – would you like refresher training from a lady? Would you like to learn how to practice at the best public range in Texas from a lady? Want to prepare for your CHL class? Cherie can work with you on the public pistol line for only $45 per hour.

We also offer Ladies Only Test Drive Classes as well as Ladies Only Refuse To Be A Victim classes throughout the year.  Please check our schedule for dates

All private lessons are $75.00 per hour per person with a minimum 2 hours paid. This assumes you will use your firearm(s) and ammunition.  Firearms and ammunition for training can be provided for additional charge. No more than 4 students per private class – we pay attention to YOU!

Would you like more time with an instructor or make more efficient use of your time? Half days are available for $275.00 per person and you can reserve a full day of instruction for $450.00.

We are available for lessons and many weekdays and some weekend afternoons

For Additional Information Please Contact Us