Get Off The Bench With Your Rifle – Advanced Long Range Rifle

Shooting your rifle at extended ranges is fun and challenging.  But let’s face it, as you get better with that rifle,  the 600 yard torso plate while you are snugged up at the bench gets a little boring.  The solution to that is GET OFF THE BENCH.  Let me teach you how to shoot from different positions including prone, modified prone leaning over the bench, seated or kneeling.  Anyone interested in shooting PRS/PRC matches will recognize these are the positions you will need to be able to shoot from to be competitive. I built a prop that attaches to the bench which allows me to teach you the various shooting positions while you shoot at the 400 yard plates at American Shooting Centers.

Take a look at pictures of some of  the things you will get to learn!

Modified prone

Seated with a booster bag

High Kneeling

Standing supported

Seated 1

Seated 2

This lesson will involve a great deal of instruction and dry firing as well as shooting. Expect the class to last about 3 hours and will require 60 to 80 rounds of match ammo.  I will provide the prop you can see I am using as well as the bags that help with stability.  Cost is $250.

Give me a call when you are ready to take the next step!


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