NRA Classes


Metallic Cartridge Reloading

This NRA designed class was developed to teach the new or experienced reloader the proper fundamental  skills and knowledge needed to reload your rifles and pistols.  This class is about 8 hours long and is held in Joe's workshop in Katy, Texas. Price $199

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Specialty information and skills designed to help you prevent criminal access to your home and loved ones - and to help you defend them if necessary.  This is an 8 hour program that involves classroom as well as approx. 100 rounds of live shooting. Price $199

NRA Basic Pistol

This is the 8 hour NRA class designed to help you get started shooting a pistol or shoot one better. Subject matter includes safety, fundamentals of shooting a hand gun, firearms maintenance, actual time on the range shooting a pistol and information on how to continue your development. This class is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to obtain their NRA Pistol Instructor Certification. Price $150

NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor is a 9.5 hour class designed to help give you the information you would need to teach pistol shooting, handling and safety to the NRA standard. All instructor candidates must also complete the 6 hour Basic Instructor Training that covers how to teach using NRA methods. Combined time is 15.5 hours. Cost $275

NRA Basic Rifle


NRA Rifle Instructor