NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor is a 16 hour class that teaches the knowledge, skills and attitude required to organize, teach and promote the NRA’s Basic Pistol course.

Anyone wishing to take an NRA Instructor must prove they already possess basic firearms safety and shooting skills.  A pre-course questionnaire must be completed and prospective candidates must demonstrate their shooting skills in exercises with the Training Counselor.

As in all Instructor courses, this class is presented in 2 parts: Basic Instructor Training (BIT) which is the first 6 hours of the class and discipline specific instructor training.  Students acquire and demonstrate organizational and teaching skills though participation in practical exercises along with your classmates.  There is a certification exam required in the class.  Students received the NRA Trainer Guide, NRA Pistol Shooting Instructor Candidate packet and NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course student packet.

The next scheduled class is March 25 & 26, 2017.  Click HERE for registration.