Basic Rifle


Rimfire Rifles (.22’s), Hunting Rifle, Modern Sporting Rifle, Long Range Rifle 

Rimfire Rifle – There aren’t too many better ways to start learning how to shoot than with a good .22 caliber rifle.  They produce very little noise (as far as a firearm goes), almost no recoil and the ammunition is a lot cheaper than your deer rifle.  This is the perfect class for the beginning rifle shooter and works extremely well for youths age 11 or so and up.  We can also prepare and test your Boy Scout for his rifle merit badge. Please be aware that this can require more than one lesson to accomplish all that BSA mandates for that merit badge.

You learn safety, how to use YOUR firearm and the fundamentals of shooting.  We work with you on shooting positions, shot preparation, sight control, trigger control and follow through.  We’ll even teach you how to clean it.  Most rifle classes last about two hours and costs $150 if we use your rifle and $175 if we use mine.  The student provides the ammo.



  Gift certificates are available as with all classes and private lessons.