Rifle Test Drive

Find Out What Works For YOU

I have been privileged to be the rifle instructor at the largest public range in Texas (American Shooting Centers) for a number of years now.  I get to work with youth learning on their first .22, people headed out soon for their first big game hunt in Colorado or Alaska, competitive shooters who are just getting warmed up at 600 yards as well as new and, sometimes, very experienced whitetail hunters.

At some point, they each chose the rifle they think best for their purpose.  Most buy a rifle without ever getting to shoot anything remotely similar to what they buy.  Some game requires a big rifle to anchor it properly.  Some doesn’t.  Sadly, many buy too much gun.  How much is “too much” depends on the individual.  “Too much” is relative.  What may be “too much” for an 11 year old on their first hunt might be easily handled by a more experienced shooter.  “Too much” also tends to not be very much fun. So the question is  – How much is “too much” for you?  A .223 might be too much or you might be able to shoot a .500 mega blaster magnum one handed.  Only the actual shooting thereof can tell.

Just as we teach a “Test Drive” lesson with pistols, we now offer a similar concept for rifles.  You learn safety,  all the fundamental skills necessary to shoot a rifle properly and determine if it fits you properly.  Initial shooting is done with a Ruger American .22lr rifle.  Then you get to shoot a 3 round group at 100 yards with any or all of six different rifles.  You to actually go hands on with and fire a selection designed to show you different gun sizes, triggers, weights and, above all, experience different levels of recoil.

The selection includes rifles chambered in:

  • .223 Remington
  • .300 Blackout
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • .308 Winchester
  • .300 Winchester Short Magnum
  • .45-70 Govt.

So – Come Test Drive our Rifles.  Learn to shoot them correctly and make a much more informed decision on what could be the right caliber rifle for you.  Lessons are held at American Shooting Centers by appointment.

Expect the lesson to last about 2 hours and I provide the initial ammunition.  Cost is $225.

For additional information, or to schedule your lesson, please contact me at info@forttexas.us

I promise to reply to any request for information I receive but, sometimes, my replies wind up in your spam filter.  Please check your spam and please include your phone number just to make sure I can get back with you.