Special Offers and Seasonal Items

Mid-November through February  we offer Low Light (flashlight) classes.  We start late afternoon and work on the techniques for an hour in the daylight, take a short break to let the sun go down and then practice those techniques for another hour in low to virtually no light.  This provides a very interesting perspective on the situation in which you are statistically most likely to have to fight.  This class is 2 plus hours and $150. 

We teach Youth Firearms Safety and Shooting Classes for responsible children and parents.  We work primarily with .22 caliber rifles to give your child a firm grasp of what firearms are, what they can do, how they need to be treated and how to shoot them.  Parents must be present for the entire lesson.  This is the prefect Christmas present for the young person getting their first firearm.  We are available many days during the week to help you take advantage of their holiday vacation schedule.

Gift Certificates are available on all classes year round.  Give someone you love a present of security or just plain fun.  We have classes geared towards the new shooter, the nervous shooter, the shooter that does not know what gun they want to buy, the shooter with their first gun, the shooter that wants to learn how to shoot that gun to defend themselves or their loved ones and the shooter that wants to start or progress in competition.  We offer 2 hour, half-day and full day lessons for individuals as well as group classes.