Test Drive Our Guns

Firearms are a lot like a pair of jeans – you have to try them on to really see what fits you. Just handling the pistol in the store is not enough.  You need to see how if feels in recoil at the range.

Our TEST DRIVE is one of our most popular classes.  We teach you the fundamentals of shooting; safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, breathing and follow through.  You begin with a .22lr pistol (very little noise or recoil).  Then you start in on a large selection of real pistols to see what YOU like or don’t like.

Our Test Drive selection normally includes but is not limited to (and please note the selection can change):

  1. Smith & Wesson      M&P 22                 .22LR
  2. Smith & Wesson       M&P 9B                9MM
  3. Springfield                XDM 4.5″              9MM
  4. Sig Sauer                   P320 RX                9MM   With Optical Sight
  5. Glock                          19 Gen 3                 9MM
  6. Sig Sauer                   P320 Compact      9MM
  7. Glock                          26 Gen 3                9MM
  8. Smith & Wesson     M&P Shield            9MM
  9. Sig Sauer                  1911 – Compact      9MM
  10. Glock                         43                            9MM
  11. Sig Sauer                  P320 SubCmpct   9MM
  12. Sig Sauer                  P238                       .380 ACP
  13. Beretta                      84                           .380 ACP
  14. Ruger                        LCR                         .38 SPL
  15. Smith & Wesson    19                            .357MAG
  16. Glock                        22 Gen 3                .40 S&W
  17. Sig Sauer                 1911 – Tacops        .45 ACP

This selection represents:

  • Full size, compacts, micros, pocket pistols and snub noses
  • Revolvers and semi-automatics
  • Double action, DA/SA and single action triggers
  • Iron sights and optical sights
  • Striker and hammer fired pistols

We even provide initial ammo all for only $225.