What Students Say About Us

 Anyone who can type and post can say anything they want to about themselves.  We thought you might want to see what students say about us.

“I have been shooting rifles since I was 12 years old, but never at things farther than 50 yards.  It seems odd to say, now that I have completed the class, but hitting the target at 100 yards seemed impossible much less at 600 yards!!!   It was amazing how a little coaching and instruction on the basics such as trigger control, hand placement, breathing and shot follow through made all of the difference in my shooting…I couldn’t believe that I placed three shots in a roughly six inch circle at 600 yards.  Besides being a great long range shooting instructor you are a wonderful person to share three plus hours with at the range…I highly recommend Joe Woolley as an instructor to anyone, be it novice or experienced, that is serious about becoming a long range shooter or improving their current long range shooting skills.” John B.

“The CHL class was fantastic and the two advanced classes I took in Defensive Pistol were superb.”  Mike B.

“Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves. You’re a fantastic teacher – clear, patient and still lots of fun! We had an awesome morning! Thank you! 😊😊😊”  Sarah F.

“…wanted to thank you again for being such a great instructor and engaging presenter.  I will certainly be taking more instruction from you in future and I look forward to the next class – the one in October if nothing else catches my eye prior.” Tom R.

“I just wanted to thank you both again for the lesson yesterday. You guys made it easy for me to overcome the fear I’ve had for most of my life. It feels great to no longer have the emotional ties to hand guns that I’ve carried for so long. I can’t wait to take another class with you both and to get out on the range. I think I have a new hobby now and something special I can share with my brother. Thank you for teaching me, for your patience and encouragement.”  Jenny L.

“I was one of the blessed participants in your CHL class in March of this year.  Obtained my CHL a short while afterwards.   Never had a chance to formally thank you in writing for your instructive efforts and professionalism…  I pray that I never have to use the concealed firearm to defend myself or my loved ones but I am now a much more educated and prepared defender as a result of your training.  Look forward to attending some of your other provided classes in the near future.”  Andy M.

“My wife and I took your CHL(initial) class last Sunday and I thought we should let you know how impressed we were with you and Cherie. I thought that the class would be boring….10 hours of laws and regulations; but you were engaging and thought provoking. By teaching, instead of preaching, and relating all of the information to real life scenarios; you had us walking away wanting to know more. Thank you for your enthusiasm and love for what you do. We will be returning for some of your other courses.”  Alex H.

“On behalf of my Wife and I, I want to Thank You for a very enjoyable and educational CHL course experience this last Sunday.  You and your Wife are a joy to be around.  It made for a fun and yet cram packed full day of learning.” Wade J.

“I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know my wife and I really really enjoyed your class last Friday.  I also wanted to thank you for your patience and the hands on one on one approach you demonstrated while working with her. I’m really glad you were able to teach her to be comfortable with her weapon and not intimidated.”  Joseph G.

“I want to say Thank You for the CHL class presentation yesterday,….  It was not at all what I was expecting.  You took what could have been a long, dry & very technical subject and made it an interesting learning experience.  I really appreciated this having sat through a couple of Hunter Safety courses with my two sons that were painful marathon ordeals despite being taught by people who were committed and passionate about the subject.” Mike S.

“”I wanted to thank you and tell you that you did a great job.  You’re presentation of this material demonstrated a perfect combination of professionalism and compassion, both attributes which we need more of in today’s world.”  Trae M.

“Joe, it was a good solid instructional format, much more interesting than expected, you went far and beyond the call to educate as well as entertain. Highly recommend the class.” James Towle, Host American Trigger Sports Network TV

“We had a GREAT time on Saturday.  The class was very informative, interesting, exciting, and engaging.  The information we came away with will change our lives forever.  The stories were very enlightening and really made you think.  I will definitely recommend your class to others.”

” I found your method of presentation – as well as the content of your lecture- truly exceeded expectations. I’ve been to five of these now and yours was by far the best – including your range interaction. Keep up the good work, and know that it will make a difference somewhere, sometime, to save a life.”