Who Are We

Joe & Cherie Woolley

Who Are We?

Joe’s Certifications & Qualifications:
Texas License To Carry Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor  & Training Counselor For:
Home Firearms Safety
Personal Protection In the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home
Refuse To Be A Victim
Metallic Cartridge Reloading

NRA Regional Counselor for Refuse To Be a Victim

USPSA Certified Chief Range Officer
Master Class Competitor – Limited/Limited 10/Production Divisions

Professional Instructor since 2009

Cherie’s Certifications & Qualifications:

USPSA C Class Competitor
NRA Certified Instructor For:
Home Firearms Safety
Refuse To Be A Victim
She’s Put Up With Joe for 38 Years
Cherie and Joe bring you almost 50 years of lessons and techniques learned through training, competitive shooting and daily concealed carry