Defensive Pistol

You have your pistol.  You may have your CHL/LTC.  Maybe you want to learn to handle your firearm on the street or, perhaps, home-defense is your concern.  Understand that a Basic Pistol class teaches you just that – basic skills. Those are very important skills but still just basic.  Your CHL class only required that you prove to your instructor that you already possessed basic skills.

Things go wrong in a fight.  Your adrenalin eats all of your coordination, mechanical things break at the worst possible moment and the bad guy does not do what you want him to. Do you really want to bet your life or the lives of your family on a basic skill set?

Talk to us about our Defensive Pistol class.  This is a full day block arranged around your schedule.  I can work with individuals, pairs (couples) or a group that you assemble of up to four adults.  This class will cover:

  • The draw – getting your pistol into action
  • How to properly reload your pistol quickly
  • Strong and weak hand shooting
  • Malfunction clearances when things go wrong with the pistol
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Alternative shooting stances and methods
  • Communication
  • Movement

This 8 hour class is taught at the instructor’s area of American Shooting Centers and requires approximately 350 rounds of ammunition.  Cost varies by number of students in the class.

1 Student in private class – $450 for the day

2 Students – same class – $450 for the day total

Up to 4 Students – same class – $225 per student

As you can see an individual class costs more but fewer students means that each gets more attention and more instruction.  The choice is yours!  Please note all privately scheduled classes require a $225 non-refundable deposit.

This is also not a beginner’s class.  Students will be required to furnish proof of or demonstrate prior to class reasonable proficiency with a handgun.

Contact us at for additional information.  Please include your phone number.  I promise to return your request but sometimes my replies get sent to the spam filter.