Private Rifle Lessons

Long Range Rifle

Long Range Rifle Lesson

Learn about your rifle and scope.  Develop the techniques needed to hit the plates on SE Texas' only 600 yard public range with stops at 200, 300 and 400 yards along the way.  We discuss data collection (D.O.P.E.), environmental factors and how to adjust your scope for that long shot.

Basic Rifle

Basic Rifle Lesson

Learn how to set up the rifle and scope as well the basic techniques needed to safely shoot a rifle well out to 100 yards.  

2 Hours - $150

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Youth Rifle

Youth rifle lesson

Your child can learn safety, safety, the basic techniques needed to shoot a .22LR rifle out to 30 yards, safety and some more safety.  Ten years old and up please.  Parent or guardian must be present at all times with all minors.

2 Hours - $150

Rifle Test Drive

Rifle Test Drive

Learn the same techniques taught in our Basic Rifle lesson plus test drive 6 of our rifles, each a bit more powerful than the last, to get a better idea of what you would like to own.

Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifle Lesson

This is the Basic Rifle lesson with an extra emphasis on the skills needed to use that rifle in a hunting application.

2 Hours - $150

Defensive Rifle

Defensive Rifle Lesson

Learn skills and techniques appropriate for home or self defense with an emphasis on semi-automatic rifles such as the AR15.

2 Hours - $150