Texas License To Carry Class

Completed in Half Day Saturday or Sunday Classes

 The classroom portion of the LTC class can be as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 6. We work hard to teach you the basics in 4 hours or so, but we will make sure we stay to answer your questions and not just push you out the door. We teach you when and where you can carry.  We discuss how to carry your pistol.  We talk about laws regarding the use of deadly force in Texas and we try to teach you when a jury of your peers might be more likely to understand your use of that deadly force.  Above all, we try to teach you how to avoid situations where you might need to use your pistol.  So, much of my job, as I see it, is to make you think and to provide you with the factors you need to consider in making your own decisions. Sign up now for your LTC class!

This class includes the State mandated 4 plus hours of instruction plus range qualification and written test

Please be present no later than 11:45 am.  Class completed by approximately 6:30 pm.  Some of the subjects discussed are:

  • Requirements & eligibility
  • When and where you are allowed to carry
  • What and when you are not allowed to carry
  • Conflict resolution
  • Texas statutes regarding the use of deadly force
  • Things to consider as you decide what kind of firearm to carry
  • Firearms safety
  • Psychology and physiology of a traumatic encounter
  • Things that will help you stay out of a traumatic encounter
  • What might happen after the traumatic encounter

All students for either class should come prepared with:

  • A working firearm that you know how to shoot
  • At least 50 rounds of dependable ammunition for that firearm
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Some type of bag or carrying case for your pistol 
  • We strongly suggest closed-toe shoes and a closed-neck T-shirt or one that buttons up – hot brass can find its way into the dangdest places!

Most LTC classes are currently held in the second floor club house above the pavilion near the Sporting Clays range.  Use the entrance to the range that takes you to the American flag and watch for signs guiding you from there. 

Don’t see a class date that works for you?  Do you have a group with at least six students that would like your own class?  Cost is $79 per student with a minimum charge of $450.  We can make it happen when it works for you. Please note all privately scheduled classes require a $225 non-refundable deposit. 

Rental firearms can be made available with proper notice for a $20 fee. Please contact us at to reserve yours.  

Upcoming Classes

A list of our upcoming classes and registration for them is available on the Home Page.  Please click on the link below and scroll down to find your class.

LTC Hints & Notes


Getting your License to Carry can be confusing enough.  Here are a few LTC Class hints & notes that


To apply for your license:

  1. Go to the DPS website ( to apply for your initial license or to renew an existing.
  2. Follow the prompt on the screen – you will fill out an application and sign a couple of affidavits
  3. Make your appointment to get your fingerprints made during this process.  That option will come up on the screen.  Select your date and your location at that time.
  4. You can attend your LTC class before or after you make the application for the license.
  5. When you complete the application you will have the opportunity to print out a bar coded form.  Do that!  It has a checklist on it that shows you how to complete the process.
  6. Upon completing and passing both portions of your LTC class, I will sign and present you with the LTC 100 form the State requires before they will process your application.  There are instructions on the bar coded form mentioned in step 5 that tell you what to do with the LTC 100 form.  If you mail this in, the State gets the white copy of the form (original), you keep the yellow copy and your instructor keeps the pink copy.

Please review the following additional resources prior to attending your LTC class:

Regulatory Services Division Contact – go here to send message to DPS for LTC help

Handgun Laws – LTC-16 2-18   – Please download, print and bring these with you to class in whatever form you prefer.  On an iPad or computer is just fine.