Pistol Lessons

Basic Pistol


This is a private lesson normally held at American Shooting Centers.  Learn safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and follow through - all the techniques needed to shoot a pistol well.

2 Hours - $150 

To schedule your basic pistol class or any on this page, contact me at


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Pistol Test Drive


Don't have a pistol and would like to try some out before you buy.  Our TEST DRIVE covers all the fundamental skills taught in the Basic Pistol Lesson AND you get to try out 15 plus of our pistols.

Advanced Pistol


Want to learn a little more than the basics?  This lesson can be tailored for you to take your skills to the next level. 

2 Hours - $150

Concealed Carry Skills


This lesson is designed specifically to teach additional skills needed by those carrying their pistol for self-defense.  This is not a beginner's class.

Defensive Pistol


This is a lesson for those that really want to immerse themselves in a full day of pistol/self-defense instruction.

Competition Pistol


Interested in USPSA or IDPA?  Let us shorten the learning curve for you as you develop your skills for these two incredible shooting sports.

2 Hours - $150