Long Range Rifle



Are you satisfied with your 100 yard shooting abilities and results?  Are you going on a deer or elk hunt that might require you to shoot at longer ranges?  Are you just ready for a more difficult challenge?  Are you ready to move over to the next rifle range where you can shoot from 200 to 600 yards?  Are you ready to learn the skills and collect the information on your rifle that you would need to qualify for shooting at the 400 and 600 yard ranges at American Shooting Centers?  Are you ready to shoot the small gongs at the 600 yard range?  We can help you learn the technique required to shoot the longer distances.  We can coach and spot for you while you collect the data you need to make those longer shots.

In our long range rifle class you:

  • Learn or review the fundamental skills necessary to shoot an accurate rifle well
  • Verify that your scope is sighted in correctly
  • Get information on the ammunition you have chosen
  • Chronograph your ammunition in your rifle using doppler radar
  • Discuss ballistics apps, how to use them, what they provide (and what they don’t)
  • Learn where that ammunition actually shoots from your rifle at 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 yards
  • Learn how to use all those fancy dials on your scope
  • Start learning about the wind and how that affects bullet path
  • Develop that incredible thing called confidence


Does our class really teach you anything?

“As I mentioned to you, I have been shooting rifles since I was 12 years old, but never at things farther than 50 yards.  It seems odd to say, now that I have completed the class, but hitting the target at 100 yards seemed impossible much less at 600 yards!!!   It was amazing how a little coaching and instruction on the basics such as trigger control, hand placement, breathing and shot follow through made all of the difference in my shooting…I couldn’t believe that I placed three shots in a roughly six inch circle at 600 yards.  Besides being a great long range shooting instructor you are a wonderful person to share three plus hours with at the range…I highly recommend Joe Woolley as an instructor to anyone, be it novice or experienced, that is serious about becoming a long range shooter or improving their current long range shooting skills. ”  John B. 

This class is taught at American Shooting Centers – the largest public range in Texas and the only public range allowing 600 yard practice in SE Texas.  The class is scheduled by appointment where I work with you or you and one friend/family member.  This is not a group class.  I can provide targets, a shooting mat and a spotting scope.  The student needs to bring a rifle that will shoot 1 MOA or smaller and about 60 rounds of ammunition.  Please bring something smaller than a .338 or a .50:) 

 Cost is $250.  You might be amazed what you can learn to hit!!!

For additional information, or to schedule your class, please contact me at info@forttexas.us

I promise to reply to any request for information I receive but, sometimes, my replies wind up in your spam filter.  Please check your spam and include your phone number just to make sure I can get back with you.

Photo courtesy of Mary DuBuisson 7-18